About CRN

The Coastal Resiliency Network is  a collaborative open forum for communities in coastal Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties that offers opportunities to come together to discuss and learn about opportunities to increase  resilience to sea level rise, flooding, and extreme events.

Long Island Sound Communities have seen more flooding and extreme storms over the past decade than any other time in recent memory.  According to recent NASA predictions, sea levels are likely rising faster than previously thought, meaning low-lying coastal cities in the U.S. could flood far more regularly in the coming decades. See https://www.livescience.com/us-sea-levels-rising-faster-than-thought

The Coastal Resilience Network (CRN) is a pathway to tackling this looming challenge by connecting coastal communities to flood resilience resources and to peers in other communities. The group was forged by several members of CACs from Westchester, Suffolk, and Nassau counties with support from NYSACC. A strategic partnership was also forged with New York Sea Grant.

Links to programs

One service the network provides is to offer free webinars on interest to our communities.  In 2022, CRN offered four webinars on resiliency topics to audiences that steadily grew at each session.  In 2023, two more free webinars were offered with plans for additional ones underway.  In 2023, CRN endeavors to develop a strategic roadmap process to formalize the group’s structure as well as to identify current opportunities and needs to set the direction for the next stage of the CRN’s work.

Future goals

The network is working to find synergies between neighboring communities to foster cooperation on projects and grant applications. We also hope to organize a volunteer steering committee to determine other ways we can serve the region.

Previous CRN meetings

February 10, 2022:  Two guest speakers gave presentations on the Hudson River Flood Resiliency Network, which is a group that formed in 2015 to create a strategy among river towns to address sea rise along the tidal Hudson River, a combined coastline of 300 miles. 

May 12, 2022: The topic is on funding/access to grants.

June 21, 2022: “Developing a CARP.”

October 24, 2022:  The creation or amendment of LWRP.

March 7, 2023: The network heard from Suzette Lopane with Westchester County and Marian Russo and Carlos Vargas with the Village of Patchogue about two exciting living shoreline projects.

June 12, 2023:  Virtual webinar on My Coast New York.   At this webinar, the network heard from Jess Kuonen from NY Sea Grant about the MyCoast New York tool. The MyCoast NY portal is used to collect and analyze photos of changing water levels, shorelines, and hazardous weather impacts across New York’s varied coasts and water bodies. The flyer and fact sheet for the MyCoast program are attached and can be downloaded here.  To compliment this presentation, Nelson Vaz from the National Weather Service – NY joined us to share the National Weather Service Coastal Flood Webpage resources and the benefits of collecting local impact information from sources such as MyCoast NY.