Happy 50th Birthday NYSACC! 2021 is NYSACC’s 50th Anniversary Year, and we want it to be our break-out year. For those of you who don’t know us, the New York State Association of Conservation Commissions is an independent 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization that provides leadership in the development of vital
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2021 Annual Membership As the new year begins, NYSACC asks that you continue your annual membership, or if you are not presently a member, consider joining.  Here’s a link to our membership page on our website:  NYSACC Membership – NYSACC | New York State Association of Conservation Commissions.  Membership is
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    Village of Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Council By Michelle Sterling michellesterling1@gmail.com  and Ron Schulhof rkschulhof@gmail.com Over the last several years the Scarsdale Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) has been instrumental in launching sustainability initiatives throughout Scarsdale and Westchester County. Initiatives include: Food scrap recycling (municipal and schools) Furniture donation Take it or leave
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Editor’s Note: The question of destroying woodlands and agricultural land for the placement of solar facilities is not a settled issue. Consideration of previously disturbed sites, such as locations with building roofs, parking lots, and brownfields should be given first priority when considering siting. The tool described below should be
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“ Moving from an extractive to a regenerative economy ”   Editor’s Note:  Often lost in our desire to protect and preserve our natural environment is that certain segments of our society have not been treated equally, and their communities, have in fact, been made the repositories of the toxic
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Julie Ruben
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Question: Does the New York State Department of Conservation have a formal responsibility to assist CACs and CBs in the performance of their work? Answer: Surprisingly, yes! All this goes back to the enabling legislation that allowed municipalities to establish Conservation Advisory Commissions (CACs) and Conservation Boards (CBs) pursuant to
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Editor’s Note:  With the slow disappearance of county Environmental Management Councils (as of the end of this year, New York State with its 57 counties, if New York City’s 5 boroughs are counted as one, has 17 active EMCs), NYSACC has been highlighting regional groups around the state that have
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NYSACC would like to offer its members the opportunity to share with us the things they’ve done and provide us with information we can use. To start the ball rolling, the Town of Bedford Conservation Board presents a few of the things it cares about. Short Description of Bedford The
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Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many CAC’s were most likely already interested in promoting local food sourcing, which includes local farming, community gardens, and home gardening.  This interest was based on your concern that the food supply chain will be changed drastically by the climate crisis.  This pandemic, a fractional
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We thank Joy Squires for 30 wonderful years of service as NYSACC President, as we chart a course for the future of NYSACC with our new President, Simon Skolnik.
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Ask NYSACC is a new feature in which NYSACC fields reader questions on a variety of topics.  We seek expert responses to your questions from environmental professionals.  If you have a question, please email NYSACC’ President at SimonSkolnik@gmail.com. Question #1  I have observed fire trucks filling up at dry standpipes
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