In lieu of the typical New York State Conference on the Environment held annually each fall, for 2019 NYSACC teamed up with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to host a one-day DEC Informational Conference at DEC headquarters in Albany on October 25, 2019.  Check out this
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The content of this article was reprinted with the permission of Teatown Lake Reservation. Teatown is a 1000-acre nature preserve and education center located in the Lower Hudson Valley, whose mission is to inspire their community to lifelong environmental stewardship.  They are located at 1600 Spring Valley Rd., Ossining, NY
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Dear Friends, It has been one of the greatest honors of my life to serve as the President of NYSACC for the last 30 years.  I want to welcome Simon Skolnik, Chair of the Town of Bedford Conservation Board and former NYSACC Vice President, into his new position as President
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Announcing the 2020 Conference on the Environment; NYSACC is seeking interns; NYSACC is seeking contributors to NYSACC News; NYSACC would like to establish ELLAs throughout NYS.
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2020 Conference on the Environment After a very strong start by the Westchester County 2020 Conference on the Environment planning committee, it was unhappily decided that they could not predict conditions this fall due to the virus, and have decided to cancel this year’s conference. The planners of the conference
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Ask NYSACC is a new feature in which NYSACC fields reader questions on a variety of topics.  We seek expert responses to your questions from environmental professionals.  If you have a question, please email NYSACC’ President at Question #1  I have observed fire trucks filling up at dry standpipes
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Question: Our CAC is going to be talking to our village board about leaf blower restrictions. We are putting together slides to show the health and ecological issues. Does anyone have slides or material they could share with us?   NYSACC Response: Check out these contacts: “Leave Leaves Alone” 
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Many of you are familiar with educational credits required by the state for members of regulatory commissions, such as planning boards and zoning boards of appeal.   ELLA works with agencies like the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to provide credit-based workshops whenever possible and hopes to renew its
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The Environmental Leaders Learning Alliance (ELLA), first introduced in 2007, was relaunched in 2019.  The Alliance currently brings together members of 22 municipal conservation commissions from the lower Hudson Valley that serve as advisors to town councils, planning boards and zoning commissions on critical land use decisions and other important
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NYSACC would like to offer its members the opportunity to share with us the things they’ve done and provide us with information we can use. To start the ball rolling, the Town of Bedford Conservation Board presents a few of the things it cares about. Short Description of Bedford The
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Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many CAC’s were most likely already interested in promoting local food sourcing, which includes local farming, community gardens, and home gardening.  This interest was based on your concern that the food supply chain will be changed drastically by the climate crisis.  This pandemic, a fractional
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One of the goals NYSACC has set for itself this year is to locate all active CAC’s in New York State. While we are a member financed association, that hasn’t stopped us from contacting non-members and offering any help and assistance they might need. There is no source for this
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