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2017 Conference on the Environment

2017 Conference on the Environment
November 17-18, 2017  |  Kingston, NY

The 2017 New York State Conference on the Environment took place Friday and Saturday, November 17-18, 2017 at The Chateau in the beautiful City of Kingston, NY.  The conference theme was, Living Local: Linking Local Economies and the Environment.”  

The conference was designed to appeal to a wide audience, with dynamic workshops, networking events, and a field tour relevant to citizens, business owners, economic and environmental organization members and staff, local officials and staff, and especially members of municipal Conservation Councils and Boards, and county Environmental Management Council. 

The 2017 New York State Conference on the Environment was presented by NYSACC and the New York State Association of Environmental Management Councils (NYSAEMC), in partnership with the City of Kingston.   

Conference Presentations

A County Perspective on Clean Energy Communities Project Development – Amanda LaValle
Basics of Solar and Community Solar in New York State – Tom Kacancdes
Building Resiliency Through WaterSense – Janice Whitney
Clean Energy Communities Program Overview – Robyn Reynolds
Clean Food Economy – Kate McArdle
Clean Food Economy – Rich Schiafo
Clean Heating and Cooling – Donovan Gordon
Clean Transportation A Municipal Perspective – Amanda LaValle
Clean Transportation Funding for Municipalities – Nancy Welsh
Driving Clean Energy Actions – Carla Castillo
Expanding Clean Heating and Cooling – John Ciovacco
Flood Hazard Mitigation in Small, Rural Communities – Aaron Bennett
Flood Smart Communities – Stevie Adams
Flooding in the Hudson Valley – Nava Tabak
Land Trust and Municipal Partnerships – Christine Vanderlan
Locally-Relevant Adaptations to Prepare for Extreme Heat Events in New York State – Neil Muscatiello
Making the Shift to a Clean Energy Economy in New York – Jen Metzger
More Effective Together_How Land Trusts Can Collaborate with Municipalities – Julia Farr
Municipal Collaboration: Woodstock Land Conservency – Maxanne Resnick
Natural Resources Inventories – Ingrid Haeckel
Our Coastal Oceans Under Siege – John Tanacredi
Planning for Clean Transportation – Jennifer Ceponis
Public Realm Vision – Jamie Maslyn Larson
Sierra Club’s Electric Vehicle Initiative in New York – Kat Fisher
Solarizing Community Solar – John Wackman
Source Water Protection: Building Resiliency Through Partnerships – John Schwartz
Supporting Hudson Riverfront Communities as Climate Adaptive Leaders – Libby Zemaitis
Sustainable Urbanism – Kristen Wilson
Why Trees? – George Profous
Will Your Next Car Be Electric? – Hugo Jule

Conference Schedule

Planning Credits: Participation in this training may be eligible for planning credits by local municipalities. Certificates of completion will be awarded at the conclusion of the event on Friday November 17th.