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History of NYSACC

In an effort to preserve NYSACC’s history for the future, this section of our website contains archival material from past years, in some instances, long past.  The website seems to be an appropriate place to preserve these records for future generations of environmentalists. 

Conference on the Environment – Past Conference Locations

1972  Lake Minnewaska1988  Gideon Putnam2004  No Conference 2020 Albany
1973  Warrensburg1989  Binghamton2005  Hamilton 2021 Westchester
1974  Syracuse1990  Gideon Putnam2006  Chautauqua  2022 Westchester
1975  Canandaigua1991  Rochester2007  Schenectady 2023 Ithaca
1976  Lake Minnewaska1992  Oneonta2008  Canton  
1977  Albany1993  Westchester 2009  Watkins Glen 
1978  Grossingers1994  Glens Falls 2010  West Point 
1979  Grossingers1995  No Conference2011  Rensselaerville 
1980  Grossingers1996  Fishkill 2012  Syracuse 
1981  Gideon Putnam1997  Long Island 2013  Buffalo  
1982  Albany1998  Ithaca 2014  Binghamton  
1983  Albany1999  Rochester 2015  Ithaca 
1984  Albany2000  Canandaigua 2016  No Conference 
1985  Albany2001  Gideon Putnam 2017  Kingston 
1986  Albany2002  Corning 2018  No Conference 
1987  Albany2003  Buffalo  2019 Albany