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The New York State Association of Conservation Commissions (NYSACC) is an independent, 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization that provides leadership in the development of vital environmental programs for cities, towns, and villages throughout the State of New York.  We bring together millions of people—government officials, environmentalists, students, and citizens—committed to preserving, protecting, and enhancing the built and natural environments in New York communities.

NYSACC was created by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in 1972 to coordinate local government-led conservation and environmental programs and to encourage municipal governments throughout New York State to establish Conservation Advisory Commissions (CACs) and Conservation Boards (CBs) pursuant to New York State General Municipal Law Article 12-F, Section 239-x and Section 239-y.  These governing bodies go by many names—Conservation Commissions, Conservation Councils, Environmental Commissions, etc.—and serve alongside municipal zoning boards and planning boards, providing expert advisement to city, town, and village officials on a range of matters concerning the natural and built environments. 

NYSACC’s membership is comprised of local CACs, CBs, and individuals, and we measure our success by the successes of our members and the communities they serve.  We speak with a united voice on matters of environmental planning and protection and encourage and support sound environmental policies and actions locally and across the state.

NYSACC Offers:

  • Exceptional networking opportunities for environmental officials, non-profit representatives, and others interested in environmental conservation in New York State
  • NYSACC News, an electronic newsletter covering current events and valuable environmental information
  • New York State Conference on the Environment, an annual conference for local, county, state, and federal environmental officials, non-profit organizers, and the public featuring exceptional educational opportunities
  • Scholarships to enable undergraduate and graduate students to attend the annual New York State Conference on the Environment
  • Environmental Excellence Awards recognizing projects carried out by municipal, county, and regional governments and non-profit organizations that stand to have a significant and lasting positive impact on the natural environment
  • A comprehensive website offering a wealth of valuable information to support conservation efforts in your community