Meet our new interns



One of the goals NYSACC has set for itself this year is to locate all active CAC’s in New York State. While we are a member financed association, that hasn’t stopped us from contacting non-members and offering any help and assistance they might need. There is no source for this list, other than NYSACC. So, it was with great appreciation that two students have volunteered to work together and contact every municipality in the state to find out if they have a CAC. This master list will be used to send out our quarterly newsletters. We also would like to share this list with the DEC, as they from time to time organize regional meetings of CACs. Knowing the name and location of CACs will provide us with information on the health and well-being of environmental review within the state. Finally, getting nearby CACs to know each other can only help in getting their work done. And we will make this list public on our website.


We’d like to introduce you to these two fine individuals:

My name is Brisa and I am a rising senior in High School at Millennium Brooklyn. I love being outdoors as much as possible, and identifying trees is one of my favorite pastimes. Because of my love of nature, and my interest in local politics and social justice organizations, I became involved in the Sunrise Movement for climate justice, which connected me to an internship here. I’m so thrilled to be working with NYSACC!


Hello! My name is Sam Backner and I am a junior at Binghamton University studying sociology, political science, and anthropology. I am from Brooklyn, NY. I am interested in climate change and environmental activism for many reasons. Firstly, I am committed to social justice and I feel that this movement is linked to anti-racism work which I have spent years doing. I also have taken several classes about climate change and have learned a lot about the direction we are headed in, and wish to do what I can to reverse the damage and create a better future for all of us. I am very interested in the outside world and the relationship it has to processes we are experience and connect to each day. Thank you!

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