NYSACC Asks You to Fill Out a Survey



NYSACC Asks You to Fill Out a Survey

As part of our association’s duties, we need to keep an updated file on who, what, how, and where our members are. We know surveys are a pain, but this one shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to fill out, and will provide us with an abundance of information we can use to help you in your local work. Note you have to fill out each question, or the form won’t allow you to proceed. We will publish the results on our website once received and tallied. Thanks.

Use this button to take our survey:

About Simon Skolnik

Simon Skolnik is the President of NYSACC and Chair of the Town of Bedford Conservation Board. A trained civil engineer, Mr. Skolnik devoted his career to the management of public and private sector construction projects. He was first appointed to the Bedford Conservation Board in 1985 and became Chair in 1995. He joined the NYSACC Board of Directors in 1989, was elected Vice President in 1995, and elected President in 2019.

Besides their historic role in the protection of open space, Mr. Skolnik views Conservation Advisory Commissions and Boards as among the most vital and important institutions in combating climate change locally and mitigating its effects on the natural and built environments.

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